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About Us

Giobas Pinwheels

Ours is an Italian story, the story of a Made in Italy that has been able to effectively combine innovation and tradition that has chosen quality and creativity as representative values.

We reinterpret the cultural heritage of our territory, linked to the world of toys, producing pinwheels of every shape and color. A product that has been able to renew itself over the course of its history by declining itself in furnishing proposals for home and garden, in original decoration for parties and events as well as of course being an attraction for children who admire the bright colors that spin whirling in delight.

Italian Excellence

Our company was born in the 1950s as a family business. Since then we have grown quickly and from simple manufacturers of small toys we are now a company specializing in pinwheels, and Giobas is a well-known brand with an international spread.

We pay particular attention to production which is carefully followed at every stage and, with a view to continuous improvement, we favor the use of sustainable processes and materials. All the energy used in our factories is certified renewable.


The Collections

We like to think outside the box to shape our pinwheels. This is how new lines of products are born, creative and surprising, which express personality.


Reinterpretations of the classic colored pinwheels, but with a contemporary touch, ideal for a market that looks to the past but at the same time is very demanding and based on new trends.

Discover all our collections.

Made in Italy

All our products are made in Italy.

Story and tradition

Design pinwheels born from the passion for our story.

Italian design

Synonymous of quality, avant-garde and good taste.

Robotic technology

Highly automated industrial production.

Wide choice

A wide range of pinwheels with variations of shapes and colors.

Garden line

Resistant and usable for outdoors.

Giobas in the world

We export pinwheels to more than thirty countries around the world.

Your Trademark

Enhance your trademark with items made with your brand.

Our Story

Giobas Pinwheels

In the second half of the nineteenth century, some traders, called “balonari“, left Gattorna with suitcases full of small toys to reach the big cities of northern Europe. They were poor toys, made with very simple materials such as cardboard, tin and fabric: trumpets, cardboard mice, cloth balls filled with sawdust with an elastic that worked as yo-yo, fabric animals and the famous pinwheels, which were then made of paper.
Millions of children have played with these simple little toys bought at the trade fairs in Hamburg, Paris, Stockholm, London, Munich and Amsterdam. As evidence of that era of travel and sacrifice, the “small toy museum” was created in Gattorna and the pinwheel has become a symbol of the town.



On 1 March 1953 Mario Basso takes over a small artisan company which becomes the “Alfredo Ginocchio di Basso Mario '' and continues to produce small toys and ships to wholesalers and importers of toys throughout Europe, adopting more systems over time. productive and hiring more and more staff.



The business grows and in 1967 we bought the first press to build the various plastic components of the pinwheel, which is the article in which we have specialized, becoming known all over the world.



The family business continues with Mario Basso's sons, Graziano and Carlo, who acquire new spaces and invest in modern equipment and machinery, many made to measure, which automatically produce the pinwheels with electronic and robotic technology. Thus was born the “Giobas ''.



In 1996 the “garden'' line was born, characterized by polypropylene pinwheels, very resistant and usable also for the outdoors.
During the same year we acquired another large plant and, to take advantage of the work increased by the strong demand for the garden line, we purchased the first platen, used for cutting plastic.



In 2005 we were invited by the province of Genoa to the `` Palazzo Ducale foundation for culture of Genoa '' to set up an exhibition of our products. In the same period we also decided to buy the first automatic machine to produce our articles faster, which was subsequently joined by others to cover the production of the various models produced.



All our pinwheels as well as classic “poor'' toys have increasingly become decorations for gardens and terraces for their bright colors, like real gadgets.
We are currently regular exporters and ship the pinwheels to more than thirty countries around the world.